Theme Parks in Coimbra

A theme park perfect for kids, comprised of miniaturized national monuments, and museums dedicated to Portuguese culture. Only staying in Portugal for a few days but want to show your children all the unique things the country has to offer, from regional architecture to some of the country’s most iconic monuments. Then head to Coimbra, where Portugal dos Pequenitos houses all these monuments, buildings and replicas in one place, but with a twist – they’re all miniatures! This theme park rebuilds on a small scale Portugal’s History.


No visit to Coimbra is complete without a stroll at Portugal dos Pequenitos. Nowadays, it still maintains its playful spirit proving an entertainment, discovery and learning space where children can explore the typical houses of each area of Portugal and its islands, the most significant monuments in Portuguese heritage or the architecture of the Portuguese speaking countries. If you are travelling with children and want some time off from the usual sightseeing or day at the beach, visiting one of Coimbra’s amusement parks might be a great option.

Portugal dos Pequenitos

Portugal dos Pequenitos

The Portugal dos Pequenitos is a Miniature park in the civil parish of Santa Clara e Castelo Viegas, in the municipality of Coimbra, in the Portuguese district of Coimbra. The park consists of diminutive versions of Portuguese houses and monuments, and has pavilions dedicated to the former Portuguese colonies. Built by Bissaya Barreto and designed by the architect Cassiano Branco, it was opened in June 8th, 1940. Little Portugal, as it is also translated, is the oldest theme park in the country. Founded by Bissaya Barreto, who died in 1974, it is now taken care of by a foundation named after him the Fundação Bissaya Barreto.

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